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Professional Piano Service Peter Reichlin, RPT has offered concert-quality piano service for the home, studio, and concert hall since 1963. We offer a full range of reasonably priced services, including:

• Piano Tuning & Pitch Raising
• Piano Repairing & Rebuilding
• Piano Regulating
• Piano Voicing
• Key Touch & Weight Correction
• Piano Humidity Control Service


About the Owner

Peter Reichlin has more than 50 years of experience servicing pianos. He is a registered piano technician and is accredited with the Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.

Peter is often called to solve problems where others aren't successful. He pays close attention to detail and is not satisfied until the client is satisfied.

Wellness Products

We are also wellness-oriented and offer the following products:

• Natures Liquids™ (Sea Aloe & SuperfruitsGT)

• Touchstone Essentials™

• Nikken™ Products

Contact piano technician Peter Reichlin in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, to request a repair service for your piano.